My Favorite Supermodels Of All Time – COCO ROCHA

A Canadian native of Irish, Russian & Welsh decent, Coco Rocha is probably my favorite model of the 2000s. Born Mikhaila Rocha in Toronto, she put the global fashion industry in a tizzy when she landed on the scene. She was a breath of fresh air; with her signature strut, extraordinarily distinct yet chameleon-like abilities & an essence about her that wasn’t seen since the ‘Supermodel Era’ of the 80s & early 90s.

Model agent Charles Stuart discovered Rocha at an Irish square dancing competition where he had seen her perform. Her professional modeling career started in 2004 but didn’t really take off until 2006 when she met fashion photographer Steven Klein. After appearing in an editorial with Gemma Ward & Amanda Moore, she landed the cover of February 2006 Vogue Italia. Coco had unknowingly caused a hype in the industry. She then met supermodel Naomi Campbell, at New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2006, who told her that she was her favorite new model.

Coco’s career has been somewhat of a fairytale as she gained momentum of her popularity in the industry. She’s walked for designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, Stella McCartney, Shiatzy Chen, Christian Lacroix, Emanuel Ungaro, Marc Jacobs & Anna Sui. She has also appeared on countless top fashion magazines such as American, Brazilian, Italian, Japanese, Korean AND Spanish Vogue, Flare, Fashion, Numéro, W, Harper’s Bazaar & i-D. She quickly became known as the ‘Queen of Posing’ due to her remarkably quick & expressive movement in front of the camera. She is featured in many online videos showing off her impressive posing skills in minimal time.

My most memorable images of Coco Rocha are of her during the footage of the praised docu-film ‘The September Issue’, which depicts how the world’s most revered fashion magazine (Vogue) & its Editor-In-Chief (the ‘Queen of Fashion’ herself) Anna Wintour go about putting together the most important issue of the fashion calendar. The September issue! Coco was chosen for two editorials in that issue; one showcasing the movement of different textures of fabric & another where she & fellow models were featured in a 1920s fashion homage entitled ‘Paris Je T’aime’, shot by Steven Meisel. Another great moment was that of Coco in a commercial for White House|Black Market, where she showed off her skills by tap dancing! Again proving that she is more than just a pretty face.

Rocha has also been quite vocal about her stance of pressures in the industry, including eating disorders that are prevalent amongst models. She said in an open letter to The New York Times, “How can any person justify an aesthetic that reduces a woman or child to an emaciated skeleton? Is it art? Surely fashion’s aesthetic should enhance and beautify the human form, not destroy it.” She caused a stir when she said to Associated Press, “I’ll never forget the piece of advice I got from people in the industry when they saw my new body. They said, ‘You need to lose more weight. The look this year is anorexia. We don’t want you to be anorexic but that’s what we want you to look like.” Again, showing that her stance was clear & unshakable. GO COCO!!

Coco is also a devout Jehovah’s Witness & still does the tradition of door to door preaching! She has said that due to her devout faith that she has always turned down jobs where she was asked to either pose nude, with cigarettes, guns, nationalistic emblems or any religious icons. She said, “I am a Christian first, and a model second.”

From Vogue's 2007 September issue, 'Paris Je T’aime' editorial

From Vogue’s 2007 September issue, ‘Paris Je T’aime’ editorial

From Vogue's 2007 September issue, 'Paris Je T’aime' editorial

From Vogue’s 2007 September issue, ‘Paris Je T’aime’ editorial

Beauty Pageantry VS Fashion Modeling

There’s been a longstanding debate on the difference between fashion modeling & beauty pageantry. Many argue it’s the same, but they couldn’t be any more wrong. Here’s my take on it.

Many pageant girls desire to be successful fashion models but very few would be. Fashion modeling requires a certain edge & skill that not many pageant girls possess. Though, some pageant girls do possess the ability to be great commercial models, posing for department store catalogs, advertising swimwear, appearing in commercials for beauty products & such like but rarely have what is required to do editorial/fashion runway modeling. And there’s nothing wrong with that because they have their own niche.

I’m sure you all may even notice a difference in the way pageant girls walk & they way fashion runway models walk. Pageant girls tend to have more sway & pizazz, for lack of better words, than fashion runway models do. Equipped with spins & twirls to dazzle the audience & judges. Partly because as a pageant girl the focus is on YOU, but as a fashion runway model the focus is on the clothing. Some fashion models do have a signature walk, but in recent times that practice has dwindled due to the end of the so-called ‘Supermodel Era’ (80s-90s) when pageant girls & supermodels had a very fine line between each other. This was a time where supermodels usually had a signature walk, usually smiled on the runways while displaying skillful spins & twirls to show off the clothing. Most importantly, they were not the stick figures we see today. They had curves & ‘meat on their bones’ as some would say. The demand on model size stipulations during the end of that era was what put an end to that. And as the demands from designers to hone their artistic integrity rose, all the spinning & twirling was also stopped. Designers have different styles & techniques & wanted to showcase that more on the runways by giving clear commands on how the model should walk (enter & exit), pose & even their overall mood on the runway. Clearly, the models are not in control, like pageant girls are, of themselves. Things have also changed as cultures & societies evolved over the decades.

Even the training in pageantry is different to that of fashion modeling. Contestants are taught to flirt & charm the audience in their favor. Some may say, much like the models of Victoria’s Secret (VS). VS seems to have crossed the aesthetics of the pageant girl & the fashion supermodel, but that is due to the sexual/flirtatious element to the product at hand. Their lingerie collection. A proven marketing success due to their over five BILLION dollars in sales each year. The VS Fashion Show is the one show where known fashion supermodels & the theatrics of pageantry are combined with the help of musical performances to create an extravaganza anticipated by millions each year. However, unless requested, a fashion model generally does not interact with the audience.

Now, femininity may be an asset in pageantry, but androgyny is welcomed in the fashion industry. Femininity can be a disadvantage in fashion editorial/fashion runway modeling. Pageants are mainly about the feminine beauty & glamour of the contestants. Though fashion editorial/fashion runway may have glamorous elements, the key focus is the details of the clothing; the theme, the fabrics, the cuts, the lines, the fit, the color palettes/patterns etc. In beauty pageants, contestants wear clothes that accent & make them look better. However, it is a fashion model’s job to make THE CLOTHES or WEARABLE ART(in cases of haute couture) look good & to convey whatever persona/look as requested by the designer/artist.

Another difference is physical criteria. In pageants, they usually look for the most perfect looking woman. The one whose feminine beauty is so commanding & poised that it stands apart from the rest of the pack. Fashion models do not have to be conventionally beautiful. In fact, sometimes it’s much better for their career if they are not. Clients are usually looking for the next fresh face. A unique face. A face that commands attention. Sometimes a bit weird looking, but one that photographs well. Taking into consideration the bone structure, angles of the face, the symmetry, the width of the eyes, the shape of the lips etc. Being a fashion model also has height restrictions, where pageantry does not.

Pageantry & fashion modeling may have their similarities but their differences have grown to outweigh those similarities since the turn of the 21st century. So don’t be left in dark. Pageantry & fashion modeling are two vastly different things.

LET ME REINTRODUCE MYSELF!: Dre DeCarlo – Barbados’ FIRST Fashion Blogger

It was around 2008, at the age of 17 when I foolishly pursued a career in modeling. The excitement of the industry; the glamour, the creativity, the imagery, THE MADNESS! It all allured me like a moth to a flame. So I sought training & representation from many locally. All turning out to be nothing more than fraudulent promises & dead ends. They were all just telling me what I wanted to hear. It was only when I went to a casting held by Gadal Models, headed by my former English teacher turned agency’s Managing Director (Mr. Graham Edwards), that I finally got the truth. The much needed truth that was the spark of something great. Edwards informed me that the international modeling industry was not for me due to my height. However, there were many slots to be filled in the industry.

I began helping out in the agency. He realized my keen eye for detail & my thirst for the industry. He suggested that I begin fashion writing, as there was no one in Barbados within that niche at the time. He said, “You should start a blog.” I gave it some thought & by a stroke of my luck & good contacts, I was invited to a closed fashion presentation held by Mr. Trevor Pretty, which was attended by international supermodel & one of the world’s first albino supermodels Stacey McKenzie. Filled with butterflies & stars in my eyes, I approached her. She was warm & approachable. We started chatting away. Chatting with McKenzie that evening was what gave me the extra push I needed. I told her about my interest in fashion & Edwards’ suggestion that I start a blog. She said, “DO IT!” And so I did! Barbados’ first fashion blogger was born the very next day, as I posted my review of the event. My very first article.

Not too long afterward, my first interview was with none other than Ms. Leah Marville, Barbadian international model & Miss Barbados World 2009. I was elated when she agreed to do the interview with me & it was very well received. The link to the interview is even featured first on the short list of references on her official Wikipedia page. As the blog began to take off, I got the honor & pleasure of interviewing many local & international fashion professionals, from models to executives. International fashion mogul Hilary Rowland, America’s Next Top Model’s McKey Sullivan, Lisa D’Amato, Camille McDonald & Annaliese Dayes, top international models such as Elodie Passelaigue, Jeneil Williams, Tennille Stoute, Cindy Wright & Melanie Ribbe are just a few interviews I’ve got under my belt.

I then decided to dabble in the industry of music. I started covering certain music events & interviewing performers. Hence, becoming a regular on the social scene. Through this I met the then manager of British-Barbadian Billboard chart-topper/songwriter Livvi Franc & current manager of internationally acclaimed Barbadian pop band Cover Drive, Mrs. Kerrie Armstrong. She then introduced me to both Amanda Reifer (lead singer of Cover Drive) & Livvi. During this time I had also become acquainted with Vita Chambers, who is now a Canadian dance/pop success. Vita & her family, who I met through photographer & close friend Logan Thomas, have always been great supporters of the blog. Subsequently, I interviewed both Livvi & Vita before local publication, The Nation Newspaper, could even get their hands on them.

The Barbadian rock band Threads Of Scarlet is another favorite of mine. A band comprised of four extremely talented guys; two Barbadian front-runners (Jesse Foster & Nicholas Ward), Stu Damm on drums & Mark Glinka on bass (both American). Interviewing Nick & Jesse resulted in not only riveting stories about their journey as friends & a band but also friendships between them & I that last til this day. However, I decided that the music industry wasn’t exactly where I wanted to keep my focus.

I was asked to be a part of a feature in the M People Barbados magazine in 2012. A magazine known to feature the best social events, thriving entrepreneurs & personalities of all kinds. This time around, they wanted to feature the best fashion bloggers in the island. Among us were Tesha Todd, Junior Sealey, Gigi Ma’at, myself & Barrio Dimirti (now deceased). An experience I treasure dear to my hear because it felt like a fraternity. It was a small group, but we had each other’s back. The spread was shot by photographer Khalil Goodman, who is also a brilliant dancer in his own right.

With the continued help & inspiration from persons like Rodney Powers, Logan Thomas, Kesia Estwick, Kari McCarthy & Chaconia Andrelle to name a few, I have also had the privilege of being included in some of the most thrilling fashion projects on the island. Working on photoshoot sets, assisting & critiquing to make sure things go well. I thank you all. My most recent experience on the sets of Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model as an assistant stylist & dresser was one of pure exhilaration when they came here to Barbados, under the flawless production of Mr. Rodney Powers. I thank Mr. Powers sincerely for such an amazing opportunity. I have gained invaluable knowledge & experience working alongside him & fellow stylist/blogger Natz Eastmond. I await my next fashion adventure eagerly.

Stacey McKenzie & I (2009)

Stacey McKenzie & I (2009)

Vita & I (2009)

Vita & I (2009)

McKey & I backstage (2009)

McKey & I backstage (2009)

Tennille & I after our interview(2009)

Tennille & I after our interview(2009)

Elodie Passlaigue & I (2010)

Elodie Passlaigue & I (2010)

Designer Kesia Estwick

Designer Kesia Estwick

Photographer Logan Thomas

Photographer Logan Thomas

Model & fashion blogger Chaconia Andrelle -

Model & fashion blogger Chaconia Andrelle –

With the final 3 of Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model after the finale show

With the final 3 of Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model after the finale show

A photo from the fashion bloggers spread in M People Barbados magazine feauring myself (far right)

A photo from the fashion bloggers spread in M People Barbados magazine feauring myself (far right)

Apple Hires Burberry CEO!

Amidst of rumors that the telecommunications giant is readying an internet-connected wristwatch, Apple has made their second big hire from the fashion industry. Their first hire was former chief executive of Yves Saint Laurent, Paul Denevue. Now, they’ve hired former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts.

Burberry said in a statement, “Ms. Ahrendts’s role will be filled by the company’s chief creative officer, Christopher Bailey.” Prior to her involvement in Burberry, Ahrendts took on leadership roles in both Liz Clairbourne & Donna Karan International. Ahrendts & Bailey have worked together at Burberry for nearly a decade. Between the two they managed to revamp the image of Burberry to sexy & chic, making it more marketable to a younger, trendy bracket of consumers.

NY Times reported, “Ms. Ahrendts’s reign at the top of Burberry has been a rewarding one for shareholders. When she joined the company on July 1, 2006, the shares were trading around 4.30 pounds, or about $6.88 at current exchange rates. They closed London trading at 15.85 pounds, or about $25.32, on Monday, before the announcement of her departure.”

Apple’s first big fashion industry hire, Paul Denevue, held senior positions in top brands of fashion industry like Nina Ricci & Lanvin before taking on his new role in Apple. The word is that Devenue will be spearheading the launch of the Apple iWatch!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Britain’s Next Top Model & America’s Next Top Model British Invasion’s ANNALIESE DAYES

“Annaliese Dayes is a model and presenter from Camden, London. She graduated from the University of Westminster studying Media Studies specializing in TV Broadcasting.

She began her modeling career at the age of 13 and her extensive experience includes work with beauty and fashion brands, large sports companies, as well as other established institutes. These include, Ponds Skincare, Jemma Kidd, Nichole De Carle, Louis Mariette, Nike, Adidas, Puma and Clinique. And appeared in publications such as Black Hair Magazine, The Guardian supplement and Woman Magazine.

Annaliese had gained invaluable experience interviewing the musical likes of, Janet and Jermaine Jackson, Kelly Rowland, Kimberly Wyatt, Peter Andre, JLS and VV Brown to name but a few. Plus fashion’s elite, Caryn Franklin, Charlie Speed and Mary Katrantzou.

With five years presenting experience, some of Annaliese’s highlights and credits include, red carpet and backstage correspondent at the MOBO awards, for MOBO TV. Hosting the Afro Hair and Beauty Expo for 2 years running. Featured presenter on Videojug’s award winning website and YouTube channel, Videojug Beauty. Interviewer at the “Big Dance Sofa” for MOVEIT held annually at Olympia Exhibition Centre. Compeered the Vauxhall Fashion Scout events with Lisa Snowdon on it’s UK tour.

Back in 2009 she lined up as one of the 13 contestants on Living TV’s Britain’s Next Top Model which consequently lead to her being made into a Top Model All Star and asked to go to LA to compete on America’s Next Top Model British Invasion at the end of 2011. This premiered in the US in February 2012 on the CW network, and was broadcasted on Sky Living in the UK in October 2012, followed by 88 countries around the world throughout the coming year.

Annaliese’s introduction to radio began with making it to the final 5 of the Kiss Radio presenter search in 2011. This was closely followed by presenting the breakfast show on Bang Radio for almost a year and a half.

More recently she has dipped her big toe into the world of fashion, with her funky frilly sock boutique, Frills By AD. For more information on these hand finished, one of a kind, funky socks.” – Bio taken from


1. What was the transition like for you between being in Britain’s Next Top Model (now called Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model) to being in America’s Next Top Model?

The difference between BNTM and ANTM is absolutely massive! Obviously it’s the same concept but ANTM is just bigger in every aspect, from the calibre of celebrities we get to meet and work with, the locations we shoot in and the crazy challenges they use to keep us on their toes.


2. How has being in BNTM (now BINTM) & ANTM changed you?

Changed me? I wouldn’t say it has, I’m still the same girl I was before, just more confident, wiser and Tyra Banks knows my name! Lol


3. You were always the girl with the most energy, I would say. I can imagine it’s hard keeping such an impenetrable game face on for so long. How do you keep up your spirit so well?

To be honest that’s just me. I am a naturally positive and upbeat  person. Plus since us British girls had been through the experience before, I tried to enjoy it more and not take myself too seriously in a competition that is ultimately a reality TV show.

4. You were somewhat of an underdog throughout both competitions, but pushed through week after week during ANTM & excelled to 3rd place. What do you think really helped you to stick it out?

Again I think it was all down to not taking myself too seriously. In these shows you are pretty much a puppet and there is only one thing you can control… and that’s your attitude! And I think that’s what kept me in the competition so long, a good attitude and bubbly personality…. Who could eliminate that?! Lol


5. Your elation for finally impressing Kelly Cutrone on the very day you were eliminated on ANTM was not obscured lol. What was it like working with Ms. Cutrone?

A nightmare!! She really did put the fear right through my bones. But as the competition progressed I did start to understand her more and get to appreciate why she was/is so tough. In the end winning her over was probably one of the highlights.


6. Though being labelled the ‘commercial girl’ for most of ANTM, you proved that you could be high fashion. Have you been given any further modeling opportunities to show off your skills?

I don’t know why being looked at as a ‘commercial girl’ is a seen as a bad thing? That’s what I do! I’ve been modeling since I was 13 years old and I’ve worked out that commercial area is my market. Since the show I’ve worked for brands like, Clinique, Tangle Teezer, Black Hair Magazine, Woman Magazine and much more. I’ve also had the opportunity to do catwalk shows for River Island, which was a blast because I don’t usually get to runway due to my vertically challenged model height!


7. Now, prior to Top Model you were already a TV broadcaster working the red carpet & being a backstage correspondent. Which is your greater love? Broadcasting or modeling?

I do love modeling and I will do it for as long as I can. But presenting in all forms is my ultimate undeniable passion. I actually think I’m a better presenter than I am model!


8. You’ve also got a radio program. Tell us a bit more about that & how that came about.

I actually no longer do the radio show. But it still continues to be a passion of mine and I’ve got some interesting projects in the pipelines.


9. What else have you been up to post-ANTM?

So much! I’m really lucky that things have been going so well. I’ve modeled for brands like, River Island, Clinique, MAC cosmetics and Elizabeth Arden. Appeared in publications like, Woman Magazine, Black Hair Magazine and The Guardian.

Got signed to my management agency, Noel Gay so I’m looking forward to seeing where my presenting goes. I continue to host live fashion, music, beauty and dance events, so lets just say I’m a busy girl!

10. You seemed to be a bit of a funky dresser. What is your personal style like?

I definitely enjoy wearing funky clothes and expressing myself through my style. I would say I’m a big fan of bright colours and bold prints and I tend to clash items in an outfit as opposed to matching.


11. What is your favorite outfit that you have right now?

That’s like asking a mother to pick her favourite child! Lol I have lots of outfits that I love wearing. I actually have my own web series called “Models Corner” where I show you how to recreate celebrity looks and the next series with feature lots of my favourite celeb inspired outfits! Check out the current videos here:


12. Any current trends that you are loving?

Neon Neon Neon…. I just can’t get enough!


13. (a) What are 5 things that are staples in your wardrobe? (b)And what do you think every woman should have?

Ok, so…

1; My vintage baseball jacket

2;My pink Nike hightops

3;My Zara jean (they fit like a glove!)

4; A pair of Frills By AD socks.

5;My leopard print daytime dress.

And every woman should own a freakum’ dress, which is a sexy dress that makes a woman feel like a women plus a pair of fierce heels to finish the look.


14. Favorite fashion designer?

I recently saw Mary Katranzou at London Fashion Week and her bold prints and unique styles really appealed to me, so I would say she was my fave at the moment.


15. Do you see yourself ever making a clothing line?

I actually have my own online funky frilly sock boutique, Frills By AD! I know this sounds very random, but it all came from my love for frilly socks. The venture has got me really excited and give me a new way to express my creativity. Please feel free to check out the website: for my current 6 exclusive styles and check back for style updates!


16. Finally, do you have any advice for aspiring models or anyone looking to get into broadcasting?

Just to be tough, don’t listen to the no’s and keep on striving for your dream!

Ms Dayes looking all cute, posing with my blog logo
Ms Dayes looking all cute, posing with my blog logo



My Favorite Great Supermodel Of All Time – Elsa Benítez

Elsa's first cover in April 1996 (Vogue Italia)

Elsa’s first cover in April 1996 (Vogue Italia)

Elsa Benítez is a smoldering latina hailing from the spicy country of Mexico. Known mostly for her appearances on the covers of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue & for hosting Mexico’s Next Top Model, Benítez has also made very significant strides in the high fashion world for hispanic models.

After winning a modeling contest in Costa Rica in 1995, using supermodel Linda Evangelista as her role model, Elsa became a popular face on the fashion scene in Mexico. However, in 1996 she got her big break modeling on the cover of Vogue Italia. The perfect career launch for any beginner model. She then secured the cover for The Journal for three consecutive months.

Benítez was picked up by the prestigious Elite Model Management & quickly booked major covers for ELLE, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire & Mexican, Greek & German Vogue. She has walked the runways and/or done campaigns for the likes of Chanel, Valentino, Christian Lacroix, Versace, Fendi, Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain, Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano, Gianfranco Ferré, Valentino, MaxMara, Salvatore Ferragamo, Chloe, Escada, Emanuel Ungaro, Versace, INC, Nine West, J. Crew, Rena Lange, Jones New York, Massimo Dutti, Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Anna Sui, Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret & CoverGirl. But Elsa finally got her worldwide recognition with her first cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2001. She then posed topless for the 2006 All-Stars issue of Sports Illustrated alongside fellow supermodels Veronica Varekova, Elle Macpherson, Daniela Pestova, Rachel Hunter, Caroline Murphy & Yamila Diaz-Rahi.

Benítez has also been a muse for the iconic Dolce & Gabbana.

Standing next to her lifesize Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover at the launch of the issue

Standing next to her lifesize Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover at the launch of the issue

Benitez on Mexican Vogue

Benitez on Mexican Vogue

Met Gala Fashion 2013: Best & Worst Dressed

This year’s Met Gala was all about opulence, as this year’s theme took the punk route. If only Rihanna was able to make an appearance, we all know she would have stolen the spotlight & the top spot on every best dressed list. Nonetheless, The stars stepped out & some embraced this theme like never before. Some soaring & some crashing & burning. Let’s take a look at some of the best & worst looks out that night. Please keep in mind that these are MY opinions & may not be the desired results of others.

BEST DRESSED: Cameron Diaz in Stella McCartney. Not punk, but still rocking it.

BEST DRESSED: Cameron Diaz in Stella McCartney. Not punk, but still rocking it.

BEST DRESSED: Nicole Richie in Topshop

BEST DRESSED: Nicole Richie in Topshop

BEST DRESSED: Supermodel Anja Rubik

BEST DRESSED: Supermodel Anja Rubik

BEST DRESSED: Miley Cyrus in Marc Jacobs

BEST DRESSED: Miley Cyrus in Marc Jacobs

BEST DRESSED: Anne Hathaway in Valentino Couture

BEST DRESSED: Anne Hathaway in Valentino Couture



WORST DRESSED: Kim Kardashian

WORST DRESSED: Kim Kardashian



WORST DRESSED: Sarah Jessica Parker

WORST DRESSED: Sarah Jessica Parker

My Favorite Great Supermodels Of ALL TIME- Bianca Jagger!

I was sitting at home one day, going through various fashion magazines as I usually do & I came up with the idea for this list. To list great supermodels that I feel have passed through the industry & left something unforgettable.

Inspiring, legendary, revolutionary, muses, glamazons & game-changers. All of these are words used to describe the following models who have graced the most prestigious runways & magazine covers, inspired top photographers or have made monumental changes within the industry over the years. Please keep in mind that this list has been listed at random & not numerically judged. Each model will have her own individual post.

Let’s start with BIANCA JAGGER!

Bianca was mostly known as a style icon & for her marriage to legendary rock star & frontman of The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger. Bianca was also a prominent jet-set celebrity of the 1970s, known particularly as a close friend of famous artist Andy Warhol & one of the most frequent patrons of the famed Manhattan nightclub Studio 54 which has been a hub for fashion’s elite social scene.

The Nicaragua native who stands only at 5ft 6in, also starred in films/tv shows such as Flesh Colour, All You Need Is Cash
(also known as The Rutles), Miami Vice, Street Hawk, Hotel, The Colbys & Success

Bianca is now a Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador, Founder & Chair of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, Member of the Executive Director’s Leadership Council of Amnesty International USA & a Trustee of the Amazon Charitable Trust. She has touched on controversial topics such as genocide, the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the war on terror, war crimes against humanity, crimes against future generations, the former Yugoslavia, Sri Lanka, Central America, Iran, Iraq, India, children and women’s rights, the rights of indigenous peoples, climate change, the rainforest, renewable energy, corporate social responsibility, the ensuing erosion of civil liberties and human rights & the death penalty.

Bianca on the cover of Vogue, March 1974

Bianca on the cover of Vogue, March 1974

Bianca at nightclub Studio 54

Bianca at nightclub Studio 54

Bianca on the cover of Vanity Fair, November 1986

Bianca on the cover of Vanity Fair, November 1986

Bianca in British Vogue, December 1974

Bianca in British Vogue, December 1974

MISS BARBADOS WORLD 2013: The ‘Tale of A Swan’ Masquerade Ball!

It’s that time again! Time to welcome back the Miss Barbados World Pageant! This year’s proceedings will kick off with the Capita Financial ‘Tale Of A Swan’ Miss Barbados World Masquerade Ball on Saturday, 27th April at the Barbados Concorde Experience. The official unveiling & presentation of this year’s delegates will the event’s main attraction.

Entertainment will be provided by Barbadian artist, NIKITA, who will give the audience a cabaret-style performance. Guests will be able to enjoy the cool sounds of R&B/Pop vibes, while enjoying the evening’s cocktails & hors d’oeuvres.

To join this night of fun & flair, PRE-ORDER YOUR TICKETS at!

Please provide:

1. Name 

2. Number of Tickets

3. Contact Number


My Newest Fashion Obsession & Women’s Fashion Must-Have: Jason Wu Resort 2013 Bags!

The Jason Wu Resort 2013 Karlie Clutch

The Jason Wu Resort 2013 Karlie Clutch

Some say that Jason Wu’s Resort 2013 collection is altogether softer and more fluid than fall’s militia chic, and they are so right! This collection is richly filled with bold color choices, sophistication & flawless femininity, and though this collection is breathtaking in it’s entirety, the handbags are the standouts for me. Hence why I’ve chosen them as my women’s fashion accessory must-haves!

It is reported that Wu’s resort look was sparked by coming across some taxidermy bugs with bodies made of watch parts! Yeah, believe it or not! Artist Mike Libby’s machine-like beetles, wasps, butterflies & scorpions have most certainly left Wu with such a lasting impression that it inspired him to create these beautiful bags. Wu’s three bag shapes include the Daphne, the Karlie clutch & the Jourdan! Each are designed in a variety of bold, eye-catching color combinations. There’s no way you can miss these bags!

I’m ridiculously obsessed with these bags. So much so that I’m jealous that I’m not a woman so I can rock these fabulous fashion statements. But the best part about these bags is that any kind of woman can rock them! You don’t even have to dress up. Going to lunch with a friend, going shopping, going on a date or to a cocktail party, these bags can be your statement piece for any occasion. The Karlie clutch is a bit more elegant & fancier than the Daphne & the Jourdan which are more casual, but as I said, all these bags can be worn no matter the occasion because they are all bold but not overbearing & can alternate with different outfits.

Enough from me, I’ve proven how much I love these bags. What do YOU ladies think??

Jason Wu Resort 2013 Jourdan Bag

Jason Wu Resort 2013 Jourdan Bag

Jason Wu Resort 2013 Jourdan Bag

Jason Wu Resort 2013 Jourdan Bag

Jason Wu Resort 2013 Jourdan

Jason Wu Resort 2013 Jourdan

Jason Wu Resort 2013 Daphne

Jason Wu Resort 2013 Daphne

Jason Wu Resort 2013 Daphne

Jason Wu Resort 2013 Daphne

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: America’s Next Top Model All Stars Winner Lisa D’Amato Talks Fashion & Beauty

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing ANTM’s All Star winner, Lisa, on a previous occasion. We touched on her personal past, her experiences on ANTM & life after being on television.

This time around I wanted to touch base on beauty & fashion tips for my readers & her fans to enjoy. Lisa is such a down to earth, cool chick. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed interviewing her.

1. What trend(s) are you feeling right now?
-I really love florals right now, 60’s….think flower child. Bright colors [always]  but also bright colors with a twist of dark lip color.

2. How would you describe your personal style?
-My personal style is always pushing the envelop. I love bright and a bit outrageousness. I love themed and edgy with a sense of humor as well.

3. What are five things you think a woman should always have in her closet?
-Little black dress, amazing comfortable stilettos [any color], comfy stylish boots, and a favorite pair of jeans. The kind you know your ass looks great in, and a leather jacket [any color].

4. What are three thing YOU must have in your closet?
-Same! :]

5. When you’re not modeling, would you say you’re a heels, flats or boots girl?
-Heels and boots girl. I’m not a flats kinda girl. I feel hot when I know I’ve put a little effort into how I dress in the morning.

6. What was your favorite personal style moment?
-When I won best dressed in high school for the Hall of Fame. I was poor! I was always at thrift shops and did a lot of creative mix and matches. I had a lot of fun with it.

7. For you, what’s the difference between style & fashion?
-Style is more unique to who you are. Your personality and flair goes into it. Fashion is a staple of what is “accepted”. I think no one should follow trends but be a trendsetter if they want to be.

8. Now, as a model you have to constantly look your best. What are three beauty secrets that are in your daily beauty regiment that you can share?
-I always have a little concealer under my eyes since I don’t sleep much, lipgloss and a little pressed powder, and I’m ready for my day!

8b. How do you get your skin so flawless?
-Skin is sooo important. I’m lucky I never had acne or pimples growing up, plus I learned about skin care very early on. Drink lots of water daily, wash your face every night & morning and use lots of moisturizer. I like using all natural products.

9. What’s your favorite skin care product & why?
-I use/buy all my skin care products from Nothing on that site has cancer causing ingredients [almost all American products do]. Your skin’s pores soak everything in, nothing should be harmful to your health.

10. You’ve been recently married. Congratulations!! I must ask about the dress. Who made it & can you describe it to us?
-Most brides to be spend tens of thousands of dollars on wedding dresses. That is a shame. They should use that money towards a honeymoon! Lol.. I got my A line mermaid cut dress off of Ebay for $156.00! Brand new! They even made it to my measurements! I loved my dress, felt beautiful in it, and I don’t waste money. Period. Everyone thought it was so expensive!!!! Nope.

11. Question submitted by a fan: “What was your transition like from tomboy Lisa to glamorous Lisa?”
-I think I’ve always been both. I definitely can get pretty gritty, not scared to get dirty, but I’ve always been one to be creative too. Sewing, painting, fashion, makeup, hair etc. I’ve always had an eagerness to express myself…stand apart from the pack and not scared to work for it.

12. Question submitted by a fan: “What is your workout regime like? You have virtually no fat on your body!”
-Hahahaha! Yeah I do! Thank you though. I’ve always been a cross country runner, a gymnast and a dancer. I go to the gym regularly too. I usually go 4 days a week w/ an hour of cardio and another hour of light weights for arms, stomach, ass, and hips. Then about 15 minutes of stretching. I have a lot of energy.

13. Question submitted by a fan: “When you’re on a shoot set, what inspires your poses?”
-Music. I think that the look and vibe of what you want to convey needs the right music. EVERY photoshoot has music except for ANTM which makes it a little weird.

on set of her music video 'Soldier'

on set of her music video ‘Soldier’

Trend Alert!: Red Is On The Rise!

From Jennifer Garner to Kate Hudson, Ashley Greene & Brooke Shields, red is back & hotter than ever.

Whether it’s a pantsuit, a jacket or a standout frock, this bright & sassy color is great for women of all ages & skin tones. It’s the one color you can’t go wrong with! The best is it doesn’t always need to be showcased in an over-the-top style. Stars such as Amanda Seyfried & Leelee Sobieski both rocked red in a non-conventional way. Leelee wore a knee-length jacket accessorized with a black belt, whereas Amanda rocked a bright red pantsuit that she paired with purple lips and purple pumps at Paris Fashion Week (see photo above).

Red is also a choice color for color blocking but not everyone can rock such a bold statement. So since the color stands so strong all on its own, try to keep the shoes basic. Like a nude colored pump is sure to work well. Also keep the accessories simple. Maybe some translucent accessories or the traditional black.

New York Fashion Week was the first to debut this color as a fall trend for this year, labeling it as an empowering color. One must exude confidence & dominance when rocking a bold color such as this. From the beginning of time, red has been known to represent passion, desire & power. Now that this year’s fall fashion trends of luxe fabrics & fur are using this same color, you’ve got the perfect excuse to step out boldly in style. And don’t worry my ‘non-zeros’, this trend is for you too. Red also sits well with the full figured lady looking to do a ferocious fashion statement. Be sure not to go full head-to-toe red though ‘non-zeros’. You can rock something like a daring red turtleneck halter top with a white blazer, black skinny jeans & red pumps. You’ve got that red, but it’s not an overdo.

Bajan-British Model Syria Edghill Cops Contracts!

You may remember this stunning beauty from one of my recent posts of her placing 3rd in this year’s Miss London Pageant & as a contestant in the Miss England semi-finals. Unfortunately, Ms. Edghill did not make the finals of Miss England but she was swooped up by London-based agency D1 Model Management.

Syria, an accountants and finance student, has been modeling since she was 16! After being scouted by fellow Bajan, former IMG model & Miss Barbados Universe 2005 Nada Yearwood, right here in Barbados. Syria cites supermodel and TV personality Tyra Banks as her inspiration. She has trained with Bodens Youth Theatre and has already landed parts in British soap operas EastEnders and Holby City, and a Spring Break commercial on Nickelodeon. I believe Syria is destined for a bright future with great heights.

Congratulations Syria! Knock ’em dead!! 😉

Fashion: Resort Collections Inspired By Art

Prabal Gurung and Aaron Moran

prabal gurung inspired by aaron moran

1. It’s not quite difficult to realize that Prabal Gurung’s colourful resort 2013 collection and Aaron Moran’s fragmented sculptures have a bit in common. Moran’s artworks are constructed using wood; however Gurung’s garments take inspiration from the shape. “But apply a fresh coat of paint to the weathered & worn feel of their muse’s objects,” said fashion writer Tania Braukämper. I don’t know about you guys, but i am in love with the fabrics, colors and shapes used by Prabal.

Helmut Lang and Kate MccGwire

helmut lang kate mccgwire

2. Tania Braukämper says, “Kate MccGwire’s intense artworks which were constructed from feathers are the kind that are both visually awe-inspiring and mildly unsettling.” Often thinking of yet another way to deliver the shock factor that artist Kate MccGwire is known for. Bringing forth something of such simple nature and twisting the visual to awe-strikingly intriguing to the eye. For resort 2013, Helmut Lang designers Nicole and Michael Colovos used MccGwire’s works as a basis for an abstract print that mimicked both the patterns and tones of MccGwire’s works.

Giles & Classical sculpture

giles classical sculptures

3. As seen in the obvious photographic prints that are splashed across some of Giles Deacon’s resort 2013 pieces, the designer was inspired by the Classical statues at North Yorkshire’s Castle Howard (one of England’s ‘grandest’ private mansions, most notable for having multiple interpretations of Brideshead Revisited set amoungst its grounds.) Using the images of these stone-carved marble statutes was quite a brlliant idea, especially since no one else has done it before and definitely not, quite literally reprinted them onto a fabric dress!

(photos from

M People Barbados Magazine – Fashion Bloggers Features

(from left to right) Gigi, Tesha, yours truly(in the wall, Barrio & Junior

I was honored to have been chosen among the best of the best when it comes to fashion bloggers in Barbados, Gigi Ma’at, Junior Sealey, Tesha Todd and Barrio Dimitri.. Funny enough, we are all also stylists at heart, so we were our own stylists for the shoot. Shot by Barbadian photographer Khalil Goodman on location at his residence.

(from left to right) Barrio, Junior, Gigi, Tesha & yours truly at the end

Bajan-British Model Syria Edghill Makes MISS ENGLAND 2012 Semi-Finals

Bajan-British model Syria Edghill has made the semifinals for this year’s Miss England pageant!

To support Syria, please vote by texting ‘MISSSEMI14’ to 63333 (Britain only). For ALL of Edghill’s UK fans, call 09013078567 and dial 14 when prompted. Make sure she makes the finals! Tweet #SyriaforMissEngland2012 & keep rooting for this beauty to become Miss England 2012. She’s been proving herself over & over again that she is worth of the Miss England crown. Ms. Edghill placed 2nd runner-up in the Miss London pageant and seems to be a sure favorite among many & you can bet that she’s definitely got my support.

Follow Syria at @SyriaEdghill

Syria also came 3rd in the Miss London 2012 pageant (first from left)

Syria also came 3rd in the Miss London 2012 pageant (first from left)

Women’s Spring/Summer Look: 2012

Flirty with a touch of sophistication. That’s how I sum up the looks for this year’s women’s spring/summer fashion. No need to stress, let me help you out with some fashionable options for this year’s spring/summer.

Hobo chic inspired bohemian patterns, florals (once again), stripes & lace. A few of the trends that have graced the fashion runways around the world in their spring/summer collections. Now, don’t just heed to the fashion gurus and wear whatever is in style. It’s not just about what’s in. It’s what looks fabulous on YOU! It’s all about YOU, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Maxi dresses suit all sizes; from my plus size bombshells to my ferocious size zeros. You cannot go wrong there ladies. BUT, watch out for the patterns. Vertical stripes help to elongate the body (chiffon, organza and other sheer fabrics work well), whereas horizontal stripes may disadvantage those with wide waists or full figured bodies. For my full figured ladies, you may try the contrast colors combined, bohemian patterns or even the animal prints (which I adore). You’re more of the feminine type? No problem. Go floral! You can never go wrong with floral during spring/summer (unless it’s a dress, don’t wear head to toe floral..not cute).

Mini dresses are also in for those ladies who like to show off their gorgeous legs. D&G, Betsey Johnson, Balmain & Paco Rabanne have all showcased mini dresses in their spring/summer collections and definitely seem to be a hit with the leggy & modelesque and petite women. Perfect for your cocktail parties or soirees, using bold color blocking patterns or tribal, which seems to still be a favorite from last season. You also have the option of wearing stockings, which are back in, or dark leggings to help pop your color blocking skills. Or you may even opt for pants with your top and/or a blazer to show off your color blocking skills.

Now as I always say.. Go worth and don’t do fashion, BE fashion! BE FEROCIOUS! 😉

example of color blocking; shown in American Vogue's September Issue 2007

example of color blocking; shown in American Vogue’s September Issue 2007

further examples of color blocking

further examples of color blocking

extreme color blocking

extreme color blocking


To all my fashion aficionados, music enthusiasts & professionals and the rest of my readers who frequent my blog pages, I know I haven’t been blogging as fluid as you or I would like. But no worries!! I’ve been working my butt off hunting down celebs and industry professionals for much more content.

I promise to make 2012 memorable and informative. So keep on the lookout. And thank you so much to ALL those who keep checking the site. I check my statistics every month and I’m never disappointed. So, once again, thank you and keep reading! 🙂

new promo shoot with photographer Logan Thomas. I will be spearheading an anti-drugs campaign

new promo shoot with photographer Logan Thomas. I will be spearheading an anti-drugs campaign

Miss Barbados WORLD Contestant – Nichola Maynard

Nichola Maynard, a strong, dominant personality with a smile bright enough to lighten up your darkest day. This warm, fun-loving individual will stop at nothing to achieve her goals, some may even say disclipine and perseverance has helped to mold this beautiful young lady for the challenge of competing in this year’s Miss Barbados World Pageant.

Maynard says, ” I am a currently a contestant in the Miss Barbados World Pageant 2011 who is
extremely excited about my journey ahead as I learn, progress and develop as an

Described as the ‘life of the party’, determined,
hardworking, and down to earth; as a proud Island Girl I settle for nothing but the
best! Win or lose, I’ve reached a step further to the greater person I will
become destined for success.” 🙂

Take a look at her Facebook Fanpage and vote for her by clicking ‘Like’.

MOTTO: Live. Love♥. Laugh