DRE DECARLO CELEB PROMO CONTINUES… french supermodel Elodie Passlaigue

Now you should be familiar with my DRE DECARLO CELEB PROMOs by now. This time it was FORD MODEL MANAGEMENT french supermodel Elodie Passlaigue!!!

This hot supermodel did me the honor of agreeing to shoot with me!

-Photographer: Logan Thomas, Styling: Dre DeCarlo & Kesia Estwick, Make-up: Helene Headley-


And I was also given the privilege of styling her myself!!–

Clothes made available by RED BOUTIQUE, upstairs SHERATON MALL, ST. MICHAEL, BARBADOS.

I also asked reknowned local punk/industrial designer KESIA ESTWICK to create an outfit for the stunning french supermodel. She failed to disappoint. She delivered as always!!–

Stay tuned for more of the DRE DECARLO CELEB PROMOs!!!!


One of the Clinique campaigns that helped her to be propelled into the eyes of the average person

Elodie Passelaigue, being born in a country which she says that being a model is not seen as a respectable career choice. Passelaigue was born and raised in Salon-de-Provence (a tiny medieval town in Rhone Valley, South of France), Provence, France until 18 years of age with no movie theatre or shopping malls (at that time) within her small district. So, she lived a very humble childhood picking pears and apples with her close friends while running through the nearby fields. Elodie is the daughter of two Club Med’ G.O.s, and the eldest of four girls. To this date, her three sisters, nephew, grandma and mom still remain in the South of France, from where they all watch her accomplish her dream of traveling the world.

by Frederic Lucano

When I asked her about what she thoughts about many persons, especially parents, saying that modeling really ISN’T a lucrative career.

-She responded, ” We’d be dumb NOT to do (be models) it!  Because at the stage that we (her and her close supermodel friends) are at in our lives, we make more money than most people at any level, in any position, at any co-operation in the world! We’re travelling the world, seeing things that people only DREAM of seeing and doing things that people could only DREAM of doing in their lifetime and then they ask you why!!??”


caught mid-laugh during a shoot for her new Marshalls campaign

Dre- When did you start modeling?

Elodie- I started modeling when I was about 21 in Canada. Back in France, my then boyfriend and my mom were bugging me to send my pictures to a contest (Karin Models). I saw it on TV and I saw fliers for it and I guess I gave in (chuckle). So, eventually, I got some pictures done, because I had a friend in the arts programme at my university. About 4-5 months later, I was asked to go to Karin Models and they basically told me that I was one of the finalists. But then told me to come back because I was really skinny, like smaller than I am right now and the same height! I was about to leave for Canada so I said to myself that this isn’t going to happen. So, on my way to Canada, my mom says, “You know, you should keep in touch with these people and ask for information on agencies in Canada!” And I’m like, “Come on mom! I’m leaving for Canada, and that’s a big enough change!”


by Chris Nicholls

But then I met this guy from Ottawa Life Magazine, and I started doing some work for them and some other high-end jobs in Canada. I eventually moved to New York and at first I was with Karin Models and then I switched over to Elite Model Management, and now I’m with Ford Model Management New York.


by Nigel Barker, of America's Next Top Model fame

While in Canada, Elodie had to pay for her studies on her own. On week days, she worked as a parking attendant on the University lot; on weekends, she made popcorn for the on-campus movie theater crowd. Eventually, she found a job as a sales representative and front desk associate at a boutique hotel in Ottawa – across the Rideau River from Hull: ARC, The Hotel.

It is at the end of June 2000, during a trip to Toronto, that she paid her lucky visit to Elmer Olsen at Elite Toronto – a contact she had been given years before, when she became a finalist of the Jacques Dessange Model Look of the Year contest, organized in partnership with Karin Models in Paris. On that Friday afternoon when she first met “E.O.”, the magic took place: Elmer fell “in love” with her look. She was instantly introduced to the Canadian market as the “hot new thing” of the moment. She got her first test shoot with photographer Alvaro Goveia the next day and started working with the same photographer for Holt Renfrew’s Christmas Catalog the following Monday.

by Larry Travis

…In three days, she had achieved what takes years, or at least months, for most to accomplish: she had launched her modeling career and was already earning dividends!

by Chris Nicholls
by Chris Nicholls

She even touched base on supermodels who think that because they have a title, that it gives them the right to be nasty to people-

You have to be careful how you are with people because all of it can be taken away from you in a heartbeat! You can’t be nasty like that! When your look fade, your health is gone and you’ve been nasty to people all your life then your life is ruined! And you never know who your real friends are!”


–Below are all of her Clinique campaigns. Tell me if  you recognize a few 😉

Now, here’s a SHORT list of the clients that she has had the privilege of working with:

Angel Sanchez

Ann Taylor



Bergdorf Goodman

Calvin Klein

Giorgio Armani

Glamour Magazine – UK




Max Mara


Carolina Herrera


Celia Krithari



Hampton’s Cottage and Gardens

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine – USA

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine – Russia

Harry Winston


Christian Dior

Clinique Cosmetics

Ralph Lauren

Stella McCartney

L’Oreal Paris

Dolce and Gabana

Domino Mag

Donna Karan

Vogue Nippon

Vogue Pelle

Vogue Spain

Vogue USA

…. and the list goes on. For more, please visit http://www.elodiepass.com


NEWS ALERT!!– More on the death of ALEXANDER MCQUEEN

Alexander Mcqueen 

“Reports say that he was found in his flat in London’s Green Park, where he died by hanging himself.

Fashion designer Alexander McQueen has taken his own life at age 40. His office confirmed his death, saying: ‘It is a tragic loss. We are not making a comment at this time out of respect for the McQueen family.’ He was found at his home in London.

McQueen’s store on West 14th Street in New York was was temporarily closed on Thursday morning. (See photo in slideshow below.)

Anna Wintour reportedly left the BCBG show in a rush this morning after hearing the news. Wintour stormed out of BCBG when, much to the shock of the fashionable crowd.

McQueen’s secondary line, McQ, was to be presented Thursday, the day of his death, as part of New York Fashion Week. KCD, the PR company handling the show, says the presentation is canceled.” –THE HUFFINGTON POST

The GREAT Alexander McQueen Passes On

Brilliant and controversial British fashion designer Alexander McQueen, a leading light in the fashion firmament, was found dead in his London home Thursday 11 February 2010, his company announced. He was 40 years old.

Police said his death was not being treated as suspicious.

McQueen’s sudden death robbed the fashion scene of one of its most innovative and successful young designers. He made his name first in London, then wooed audiences in Paris, New York and Milan to take his place in the upper echelons of the designing world.


Acclaim and honours came in waves to the talented, bearded man favoured by celebrities like Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Naomi Campbell. He was named British Fashion Designer of the Year on four separate occasions.

Lady Gaga recently made waves when she wore McQueen’s spring 2010 lobster-claw shoes in her “Bad Romance” music video.


Recently posted comments on his Twitter page showed signs of anguish over the Feb. 2 death of his mother.

He said he wanted his mother to rest in peace and said, “But life must go on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Using an obscenity, he added that he had had an “awful week“ and said he had to “some how pull myself together and finish.”

A presentation of McQueen’s secondary label, McQ, had been scheduled for Thursday’s opening day of New York Fashion Week.

McQueen had never been expected at the show, which was quickly cancelled.

McQueen’s death came days before London Fashion Week, an event McQueen had skipped in recent years.” – The Toronto Sun

alexander-mcqueen-fashion-designer.jpg alexander mcqueen image by regination_grave

alexander_mcqueen_fw09c.jpg image by fashionblogger

He was certainly the greatest of our time (the 2000s). Known for his creative brilliance and his other-worldly fashion. Let’s not forget the shoes!!

 May he rest in peace.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!!- Evan Rogers (Songwriter, Producer, Talent Scout)

Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers are reaching the peak of their 20 – plus year career. The Grammy-nominated team, whose mastery of many styles of music has resulted in more than 20 Top 40 hits, twelve Top 5 hits and 6 BMI awards, in addition to more than 70 million albums sold worldwide, is writing the next chapter in their success story with the recent creation of their SRP Records label.

The duo also had songs on 98 Degrees’ double platinum album, Revelation and the multi-platinum debut albums of Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore and Anastacia, as well as many other collaborations with such artists as Christina Milian and Emma Bunton (“Baby Spice” of the Spice Girls). Next to come calling was Clive Davis, who hired the team to work on Kelly Clarkson’s debut album, for which they wrote the hit single “The Trouble With Love Is”, also featured in the movie “Love Actually”. The Davis connection continued with the American Idol project in 2004, as well as Rod Stewart’s Great American Song Book Vol. II and two tracks for Ruben Studdard’s double platinum debut album Soulful.

The duo then decided to begin developing artists in earnest, forming Syndicated Rhythm Productions in 2005. Their first signing was 16-year-old Rihanna, whom Rogers discovered while visiting family in Barbados. They brought her to Jay-Z and L.A. Reid at Def Jam Records and she was signed within hours of her audition. Rihanna’s first single “Pon De Replay”, co-written and produced by Sturken & Rogers, went on to be a worldwide smash, while her debut album Music Of The Sun sold over a million copies. Rihanna’s follow up A Girl Like Me sold 3 million copies worldwide and established her as an international star. Rihanna scored one of the biggest singles of 2007 with “Umbrella”.

And now, yours truly has had the honor and privilege of interviewing Rogers himself!

Hope you enjoy! 🙂


How did you get into the music industry?

Music was always in my family-my dad is an amazing jazz trumpet player. I started in bands as a drummer and singer. That’s where I met Carl Sturken, the other half of SRP Records.(this was the band that went to Barbados many moons ago and me and Carl both met and eventually married Bajan women, hence, the Barbados connection) ) We became a writing team and when the band broke up, we moved to New York from Connecticut. And began hustling around as session musicians. That was how we began playing people our demos which lead to a solo record deal for me and also our first placed song/production, “heartbreaker” by Evelyn Champagne King.

 How and when did your interest in production begin?  What gives you inspiration to produce? Does it just come to you or is there a process?

I’m a songwriter first and foremost, so my inspiration starts with a song. The vision for the production follows. We also produce outside songs in which case I listen to the song and if it’s a hit, or just an amazing song, it all plays in my head-then the process of bringing it to life begins. Being a singer, I usually start on the melody/lyric side with our songs. Carl is a guitar /keyboard player and he does most of the tracks, although we both have input on everything.

Heads of SRP Records- Carl Sturken and EVAN Rogers (right)



  What are your long-term career goals?

My long term goals are to build SRP into a powerhouse label. We recently partnered with Sylvia Rhone/Universal Motown and now have 5 acts already signed, including Vita Chambers and Hal Linton. We also have Rihanna and “The urgency” signed through our previous SRP joint venture with Island/Def Jam. We have recently done a joint venture with universal publishing and have begun signing writers.


 How would you define the word “success”?

“Success” to me is mostly about loving what u do and being at peace with your life and yourself. Of course it’s great to make lots of money and be recognized for your work, but my greatest joy is that I LOVE what I do, whether its writing, producing, finding a star and developing them, putting a marketing plan together etc-and most of all watching their dreams come true. I remember being an artist and what it’s like to feel that rush-there is nothing like getting a record deal, hearing your record on the radio, touring etc. Its magical..and a lot of work! LOL


 Let’s talk about some of the artistes you respresent or produce for. Let’s start with the most famous one, Rihanna. Did you foresee such success?

I thought Rihanna was a star from the moment she sang for me. She had a presence when she walked in to the room. Her voice was raw but distinctive-and she wanted this career more than anything. I signed her without any hesitation. A true star is obvious to me from the moment they walk into a room. I could never have predicted how huge she would become, but I always believed she was a star from day one.


 What are your thoughts about her growth as an artiste?

I am proud of her growth as an artist. On this album (rated R) she stepped out on her own creatively. I may not agree or love everything she has done on this album but she is 21 and has to have her own “voice”. I support her and want her to follow her vision.

 Her being the most famous and successful of SRP, do you compare the other artistes (like the up-coming ones) to her success or her beginnings as an artiste?

When you find an artist like Vita Chambers, who is 16 (the same age Rihanna was when I found her) you can’t help but compare, though I try not to. They are totally different artists-but what they have in common is star power. Both capture the room when they enter. Both are stunning, have an unstoppable drive to do this-and both have the talent, charisma and universal appeal.

Vita Chambers- SRP recording artiste

How about the newly signed artistes? For example; Vita. Why did you sign her, or ANY artiste for that matter? What special quality/ies do you look for?

All of our artists are different. Hal Linton will compete with John Legend and Robin Thicke. Shontelle is an international pop/urban appealing artist who writes and has amazing star quality. Cara Salimando is a 17 year old singer songwriter/pianist in the vein of Fiona Apple/Colbie Caliat. We have our rock group “the urgency” and a newly signed duo from Virginia, Berret and Harrison(17 and 16) in the vein of John Mayer/Jason Mraz.

Hal Linton -SRP recording artiste
Shontelle- SRP recording artiste
Cara Salimando- SRP recording artiste

As the public knows so well already, you have taken quite a few Barbadian artistes under your wing, starting with Rihanna and most recently Vita. Was your interest in Barbados deliberate?

As I mentioned earlier, the Barbados connection for us (me and Carl) started more than 25 years ago when our band came here. Coming to the island to visit family every year lead to me meeting Rihanna. From there, people always come to me when there is a talented artist on the island. Shontelle was brought to my attention by Ron Johnson who had a magazine (circuit) at the time. Hal Linton was brought to my attention by multiple people but first by Shontelle. He was on the radio when I was vacationing and I heard “cardiac arrest”. I thought he was incredible, but it took a few years to sign him, LOL. Vita was brought to my attention by multiple people, first by Ron Johnson when she was 12. I thought she needed to grow up a bit obviously but saw/heard the potential. A few years later her MySpace was brought to my attention by both Tenielle Doyle and Kirk Arthur -I was on a plane to Barbados a few days later to meet with Vita and her parents. I was blown away with her powerful voice, charisma, personality and beauty.

 Will you continue to try and reap talent from Barbados?

I’m open to talent/stars wherever they come from-Barbados included!

 Would you team-up with any individuals/organizations to help find talent?

I’m definitely open to working with people. I’m always looking for that next star!