Bajan Model Rocks LONDON FASHION WEEK ’09!

Barbadian beauty, Syanne Patterson, blew the roof of this year’s London Fashion Week Spring/Summer ’09!!

She donned the designs of Pierre Garroudi, for his Spring/Summer 2010 Ivory Collection.

Recently, Patterson also copped a modeling contract with British model management company, Leni’s Model Management, after many years of modeling in her homeland Barbados, since her teens.


Go on girl! We’re proud of you. KEEP ON DOING YOUR THING!! 😀


-Dre DeCarlo.

Dre DeCarlo’s List of Top Models in Barbados ’09

**Please keep in mind that this list is based on performance and NOT the amount of jobs or level of experience!**


Alyson Holder (Flawless Management- BARBADOS)

untitled event - 316

Imogen Cooper

untitled event - 324

Shannie (Gadal Model Management- BARBADOS)

untitled event - 250

Deneise Dennis (Flawless Management- BARBADOS)


Kari McCarthy

Kenyah Hope (Gadal Model Management- BARBADOS)


Sedia Jackman

Photography compliments: Logan Thomas, Khalil Goodman, Adrian Richards, Jaryd Niles-Morris and Marcus Art.

Russian Roulette- RIHANNA: IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!



Russian Roulette,” first new single pick –written by Ne-Yo – was launched worldwide today, Oct. 20th on radio and on official Rihanna website.

“Russian Roulette” video to premiere on ABC-TV Long-awaited follow-up to 2007’s worldwide multi-platinum Good Girl Gone Bad.


THANK GOD SHE’S BACK!!! Now some REAL music has arrived ;).


RIHANNA- The Wait Is Ova!!!!

That’s right guys!!! ‘Little Ms. Sunshine’, (nickname dubbed by Jay-Z) is back!! Although a name change may be in order because, let’s face it, she ain’t ‘little miss sunshine’ no more! 🙂


As reported on various entertainment blogs and COUNTLESS news sites, Rihanna has released the Promo video of her up and coming musical comeback/promo video, ‘The Wait Is Ova’. [<–available at this link]


Her comeback album [4th studio album] is to drop November 23rd, 2009!




photo from the video shoot.. for more go to
photo from the video shoot.. for more go to

Interview: International Model RAMA DIOUF

This African VOGUE cover girl has started to make strides within the European fashion industry and continues to wow all those who are fortunate enough to grab a glimpse on this Senegal-born beauty.

Here’s a look at an exclusive interview that I conducted with her. 😉



What is your full name?

Rama Diouf, but you can call me Rama 😉


When and where were you born?

Ho good question, let me think… I was born in Dakar in 1986,
Sénégal, West Africa. Hot sun, soft sand, beautiful sea and baobab


Where did you grow up?

I lived in Dakar from the little sunshine I was to my 21st birthday !
And I think I grew up a bit to 6′ (183cm). Then, my studies took me
to Paris in France where I’ve been living so far 😉


When did your interest in modeling start?

Fashion has always been a passion. In 2006, I participated in the first
edition of “Ébène Top Model” with Katoucha Niane. I never forgot what
she said to me : “Ho, she has a beautiful body!” (laughs). I then tried the
famous Elite Model Look in 2007 ; I was published in the Senegalese
magazine “Relax” ; but I took a break, because my studies in computer sciences took all my time…


 How did you get started?

Well, can I say as a free-lancer first?(giggle) In Senegal, but it really
started in France. I did many fashion shows for young fashion
designers, TV commercials (Orange, Smartbox, etc.). I met a lot of good
photographers and did some contests, like “Miss Earth France 2009
beauty contest where I was elected 2nd runner.


Was it a rough journey or did things just come along for you?

It was very rough. I had to fight my way in this industry. I would say
80% of failure at castings, time consuming, but fun and… Hey, it’s


What and when would you say was your breakthrough point?

First agency after 1 year of rough time, first job : Catwalk for the
Grazia’s Street Fashion Show in 2009. Then, I was scooted by 3 more
agencies in which I work today. One of them is Slides Models.


What have been your struggles within the industry?

Well, as you noticed, I’m a black model who works in France… which
means struggles! It’s not easy. The predominantly white community
cannot identify with a black woman as the clients said.
Once, I was filtered at the entrance of a casting. A woman took my
composite but did not let me see the client. On leaving, the designer
saw me and asked me to come with him for fittings…
Walking with a 33″ / 24½” / 35″ body and a height of 6′ don’t open all
the doors! 😉



What is your main goal?

I would like to become a fashion icon, go as far as possible in the
fashion industry. My main goal? Reveal once again the concept of
“Black Beauty”. And as Barack Obama said, “Yes, we can!”.


What is your advice for those little girls watching you, wanting
to be fashion models?

Having the “right” body is something, but the “right” spirit is all. You
have to be passionate, available at all times and above all be able to
overcome failures. In summary, be motivated! 🙂


– first digital editing and last shot are from Mario Epanya ,
– Second is from Gilles Avenel,
– Third is from B-Rouss

Folks, contact Rama if you want to work with them.

Last but not least, you can discover a part of her work here : 🙂

INTERVIEW: Threads of Scarlet Pt.2

Now, we know the success of ‘Issues’. What was the inspiration for that track?

Nick: Just like, random stuff, because we used to have to wait a while to go in the studio (in NYC) and all we could really do was watch tv (laughs). So basically, the song is written about all the sh** you see on the news and the whole New York experience in general. What struck me was that, if you’re walking down the street, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do.

Jesse: Yeah, even when you just say hi, people look at you like, “WTF do you want??!!” (laughs) And I was like, “o….kaaaaay, where we come from we say hi for no reason because we’re nice people .” (laughs)


N: So basically, social problems & political problems. The song was written a few years back. We also tried to keep the song with a happy mood but the lyrics are like… the opposite (laughs).

J: (laughs)… like ‘Baby Blue’ [their other popular song, also available on their Facebook page]…that is like, a SERIOUS f**k you song (laughs), and noone rally knows it ’til they really listen to the lyrics.

Who are you recording with?

J: John Roett and Anthony Lowhar.. – They have both been in the industry for like… forever (laughs). John is like, probably the most amazing keyboardist I have ever seen in my life, and one of the funniest guys you would ever come across…. with the RAWEST bajan accent (laughs loudly)… EVER!!!! (laughs)

Any collaborations in the near future?

J: Well, there’s talk but we’re not too sure as yet because when we write songs, we spend alot of time writing for JUST us.

N: As an artiste, it’s hard enough to write for yourself and then it’s even harder to write songs for you AND someone else. It’s not impossible!! But, it’s definitely a challenge. Not that we would oppose to it either (smiles).


Part one of the interview is available at the link below.

-Part 1-

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11 winner Mckey Sullivan for ACF 2009

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11 winner Mckey Sullivan to walk the 2009 ACF catwalk and chat with local models for workshop.


And yours truly, Dre DeCarlo will be giving you an exclusive interview with the international top model herself.


I would also like to thank Mr. Rodney Powers for all that he continues to do to improve and promote the fashion industry in Barbados.




See for further information.

Livvin It Up

Yours truly finally met with JIVE recording artiste Livvi Franc, had a fabulous lunch at… you will never guess… KFC… that’s right, I said KFC!! Hahahaha, superstars gotta eat too!!

We chatted about being #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart, her new jet-setting life, her music and Barbados in general.


In the meantime, check out Livvi‘s  new single ‘Automatik‘ and the dance remixes for her hit ‘Now I’m That Bitch’.

-previous interview-

HOT TREND-Boyfriend Jeans!!!!!!!!!!

What are boyfriend jeans?– Well, in a nutshell, it’s either literally a pair of guy’s jeans, or a pair of jeans that looks and fits like it was borrowed from a guy/your boyfriend – loose fit, low rise, cuffed bottoms & sometimes even ripped.


Boyfriend jeans.. hmm, I know that some of you are probably going, “..oh really? Why would I wear these?” Well, let me tell you why.


Since the spring/summer season of ’09, boyfriend jeans have been a must-have.  Menswear-inspired fashion was hot from Spring ’09, evidenced by the continued popularity of boyfriend jeans.



How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

  Boyfriend jeans are meant to be rolled up at the bottom so that the cuff sits just above the ankle. -If your jeans are short enough, you won’t need to do this-

Because this style is meant to sit low on the hips, it works on both curvy and straight bodies, even if you are petite or have a short waist.

If you choose to pair your boyfriend jeans with masculine pieces such as a button-down cotton flannel, be sure to show off your feminine features by accesorizing with a belt across the shirt, slipping into a bold pair of shoes, and accessorizing with chunky bracelets.

On cooler days try pairing your cuffed boyfriend jeans with a pair of patterned socks or stockings & a simple white vest.

If you do decide to wear a pair of men’s jeans, make sure they fit! Find a pair that fit you through the waist and hips, and do opt for a straight leg. Men’s bootcut and flared denim don’t work quite as well for this cuffed denim trend. But there’s no need to cross-dress or borrow your beau’s denim. 🙂



Rolled up & ripped boyfriend jeans and flat brogues paired with a waist belt and a fabulous leather bag to match you brogues, all tied together by your simple shirt makes for a very trendy way to face the fashion vultrures. 


I’ve given you the definition, the history and I’ve even given you the guidelines to wear them!

Now, go go go, and buy buy buy ;).

Stay fierce!!!!



Fairmont Royal Pavillion, St. James, Barbados. 23rd-25th October 2009.



The premier fashion weekend of Barbados will be held on the gardens of the Fairmont Royal Pavilion Hotel with a 150ft catwalk. Showcasing some of the island’s fashion finest as well as designs hailing from the Caribbean and from across the globe. We anticipate each runway show to feature 8-10 designers per night.

There will be two exclusive bow-tie affairs preceding the fashion weekend. The High Fashion Art Exhibit, which will highlight artictic pieces from fashion photographers and designers from Barbados. Then there are the Fashion Is Our Passion Workshops. These will be 2-3 hour workshops on the 21st October 2009, providing critical information for hair stylists, make-up artists, models, designers and photographers.



For further information, please visit the home of ABSOLUT CARIBBEAN FASHION WEEKEND.

Rihanna: Paris Fashion Week [CHANEL Pret a Porter Show]

Okay.. This girl just NEVER stops looking fierce!!! LOL

Click to view full size image
rocking a CHANEL bag

Madame Fenty [Rihanna], once again, made a statement. Decked out, in what..? Chanel!! Of course!!
If it’s one thing I love about this girl is that whatever showing she goes to, she wears the respective designer’s piece(s).

PARIS - OCTOBER 06: Rihanna and Virginie Ledoyen attends Chanel Pret a Porter show as part of the Paris Womenswear Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010  at Grand Palais on October 6, 2009 in Paris, France.
such a socialite! -seen here with French actress Virginie Ledoyen, during the show-


Stay fab 😉

(photos: &

Hot Item: The White Shirt Dress


The white shirt dress - simple, practical and fashionable

Donned by major celebs including Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens and Eva Longoria, the white shirt dress has made its way off the fashion runway and into our lives. Practical yet fabulous, this piece caters to people from all walks of life whether you’re an average Jane or a bona fide fashionista. So here are a few ways you can work it.


Fun way to wear the shirt dress in the summer.

Summer fun! This outfit is just perfect for summer chic. Want to be comfortable yet fabulous? Then here’s the perfect ensemble. With the combination of the white shirt-dress, jeans shorts, wooden wedged heels, a cute summer-fun floral clutch and a grey shrug.


Vintage way to wear the shirt dress

Vintage meets 2009. A loose, high-waisted skirt, leather satchel, and cute girly accessories like this bow head band and charm necklace really bring out your feminine side. And those plaited strap court shoes just say vintage. Can you say Judy Garland?!


Ripped boyfriend jeans

Ripped boyfriend jeans

Rolled up, ripped boyfriend jeans and flat brogues, paired with a waist belt and a fabulous leather bag to match you brogues, all tied together by your simple shirt makes for a very trendy way to face the fashion vultures. 🙂

Punked up shirt dress

You can even punk it up with black frilled mini-skirt, studded black band and matching glove(as seen above).


White shirt dress with leather.

…simply add a black leather vest-jacket, with neon(colour of your choice) ankle boots and a thin black waist belt (as seen above).

Who said fashion wasn’t practical? You’ve got no excuse no matter your shape or size. There’s another thing to put on your list, my non-zeros.

Go forth and don’t do fashion; be fashion. 😉


Rihanna- PARIS FASHION WEEK (Gareth Pugh Show)

Pop diva and fashion/style icon Rihanna, stepping fiercely in the Gareth Pugh show at Paris Fashion Week [also wearing a Gareth Pugh design].
Rihanna see-through dress (Pics: Getty)

According to the Daily Mail [a British newspaper], “Rihanna is ever one to make a fashion statement  – and she certainly turned heads in this sheer dress.”

Causing a stir in the music AND the fashion industry.

Have my fingers crossed for her to be the face of Gareth Pugh.. 😀


previously spotted wearing another Gareth Pugh design


Image 4 - 73288.jpg

previously, around NY Fashion Week time


Image 5 - 73289.jpg

going to London Fahsion Week