London Fashion Week’s Emerging Designers Showcase


It was a weekend of lush fashion from London Fashion Week’s picks for the best emerging designers, with the dedicated week long showcase Fashion Scout.

My favorite’s included Angel Chen and Apu Jan. Both creative and wearable collections, with vibrant colours, a hint of femininity and a dose of edge for the stylish Miss who enjoys standing out while embracing her soft side.

Apu Jan was clearly the star of the showcases as his show drew about 400 observers, with still hundreds outside begging to get in. I was fortunate enough to see the show, which was also heavily attended by the Asian fashion elite such as Elle Taiwan and Vogue.

Here are some photos from the shows.

Angel Chen audience

Hope you enjoy them as much I loved soakingit it all in at the Freemasons Hall.

Angel Chen
Angel Chen
Angel Chen
Angel Chen
Angel Chen


Photos of the Apu Jan show to come ;)


Cool, stoic, a thinker…

Just a few words that I would use to describe Ronald. His background has always been artistic and creative. Whether it was singing, acting or visual merchandising, one can be certain that he was made for the Arts.

Ronald has been my best friend for over six years now, and over all the years he has never ceased to inspire me with his words and his style. We always planned on collaborating but never got the chance until now. And what great timing, to include him in my new blog venture, ‘STYLE FILE’.

I shot the looks (yes, I’ve finally taken hold of my desire of dabbling in photography), which we co-styled, using our neighbourhood as a backdrop. Where better to find inspiration than right outside your front door, huh? ;)

Hope you guys love it!!!



in our apartment


MIA is not only my roommate, but is Visual Merchandiser at a high-end boutique named ‘BETH & TRACIE’ in Holetown, Barbados.

Our styles are usually on the opposite sides of the style spectrum, as she’s far more minimalist and classic with a flirty, feminine finish, whereas I am kind of eclectic at times. Most of the time, I’d take a classic look and put some rebellious edge to it, but we came together and she was so patient with letting me use her as my muse. I think she just secretly liked being the one getting dolled up for a change.

We transformed our living room space into a temporary, makeshift photo studio space using natural light and … yes.. a Motorola touchscreen camera phone to take the shots.

It was a blast!! I definitely got some great looks out of it. PLUS, i got to promote my friend Junior Sealey’s brand ‘LAB+ID’ by using his VIRUS tee design for one of the shots. It was thrilling to see her in such a different light! She certainly pulled it off.

Hope you like!! MORE TO COME ;)



Specimen (LAB+ID) by Junior Sealey, VIRUS tee
Specimen (LAB+ID) by Junior Sealey, VIRUS tee


Wardrobe: Dre DeCarlo & Mia Carpenter


L005They say the most beautiful or fascinating things are found in the most unsuspecting places. In this case, they couldn’t be more wrong. Standing at the counter in the island’s only official Ralph Lauren shop (Limegrove Lifestyle Center, Holetown), she was a vision of refined eccentricity. I couldn’t help but to say hello. If it’s one thing that surely grabs my attention is an effortlessly fabulous woman.

She introduced herself as Lourdes. Her heavy native Spanish accent encasing every word. Unique, confident, a former wild child even. Not the type of ‘wild child’ we see today, but more so reminiscent of a Woodstock head-turner. One could tell by looking at her that she is a vessel of constant flowing energy.

Even after her catastrophic car accident back in 1998, which resulted in the surgical removal of many of her organs – including her stomach – she has risen above it all and proven that nothing can hold us back, and life is for the taking. She intrigued me. We immediately started sharing our love for each other’s style, for art, fashion and all it represents. I could talk to this woman for hours!

I hope you all will find her just as fascinating, inspiring and thrilling as I have. So, with no further ado, here’s the first edition of a blog segment that I will surely continue. Showcasing interesting persons with interesting style, using their own wardrobe and selected pieces to highlight the subject of my choice. All styling by yours truly.

Special thanks to Mr. Adrian Richards behind the lens!! Thank you so much. And thank you to Limegrove Lifestyle Center.

Hope you like it! :)

L006 L007



L018 L019


Barbados’ EVOLVE BY RHAJ PAUL On Mid-Morning Mix

Just sending out a flare to all Bajans, in Barbados or abroad, be sure to catch Rhaj on air TOMORROW (Wednesday the 15th) on The Mid-Morning Mix Show, hosted by Teshia Hinds on CBC TV8.

I’ve been a fan of his work for a long time but EVOLVE was the brand, with it’s streetwise edge, that solidified Rhaj as a local household name & a certain fashion favorite amongst all.


Barbados we come from!



I met this gorgeous whirling wind a few odd years ago, and it was never unclear to me of how hard she works – the innate energy that drives her forward. However, it is only of very recent times that our paths seem to constantly meet. I think some great things are ahead for the both of us, so here’s a little insight into Louise Decourcey-Dawe.


Louise is a London-born but Barbados-raised presenter, model, CEO of LOUD 87 (which specializes in Entertainment, Music & Talent Brand Management) and is also currently an ambassador for Cîroc!

Louise founded LDD Projects in May 2011 in Barbados and soon after formed LOUD 87 LIMITED in both Barbados and in London, England. She graduated from Brunel University with a BSc (Hons) Degree in Broadcast Media (Design and Technology). The young entrepreneur also attended Bournemouth University where she was awarded a Certificate in Advertising and Marketing Communications and achieved an Associate’s Degree in Mass Communication at The BCC in the West Indies where she covered areas such as Radio and Television Production, News & Documentary Writing, Photography, Research, Public Relations and Communication Law.

Whilst studying at Brunel University, Louise also began working at The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC HQ, White City, London) where she worked on television programs including ‘Child Of Our Time’ and ‘Olympic Dreams’ and was later promoted to Production Team Assistant where she managed all of the edit suites at the London BBC White City Main building along with four other team members in the UK.​ Louise went on to work at Clear Cut Pictures (An audio and video post-production facility) in West London and as an Executive PA at an online marketing agency, Quad London.

Louise has also worked closely on projects with music industry mogul, Eric Nicks, (responsible for stars such as Lil’ Kim, Busta Rhymes and LL Cool J) and Azar Bogan at Alpine Music Group based in New York, New Jersey and LA for artists, songwriters and producers including August Rigo, Jaicko Lawrence, P.J. Johnson, Antmaestro, Spinz Beats, Justine Skye, Kelly Sheehan, J.N.I.C.E, JS, Justa Beast and Ginette Claudette. ​ Louise’s recent projects include the Management, Development and PR of Aaron Fontaine (Actor/Model/Radio Host), Amelia (singer-songwriter), Varren Wade (singer-songwriter), Anke Griffith (fitness model), Alyson Holder (Photographer) and Mandy Cummins (make-up artist). Some of her model experience includes Five (5) Cable and Wireless Advertisement Campaigns, Eve Food Products, Circuit Magazine, Caribbean Motorsports, Banks, Heineken, B-mobile, Red Bull, Diamonds International & Colgate.

To sum it all up….

Louise is easily more than your average ‘triple threat’! She’s an entity.

So, keep on the lookout for more from Louise Decourcey-Dawe. ;)


An Exclusive Sit-Down With The Belle Behind SUBELLA!


From being an heiress to one of the world’s silicon carbide manufacturing giants (Dongxin) to the creator & designer of her own collection of handmade luxury Italian leather handbags (SUBELLA), Susen is a force to be reckoned with! She cites the inspiration for her drive to the culture shock she received when she left China to attend the London College of Fashion, and entering into a world of style mavens & fashion daredevils. With her humble spirit & soft voice, it is easy to not foretell the surge of tenacity that dwells not just within her, but within all artists. Her charismatic & humble team of professionals from Fashionable Photography, Chris Browne & Creative Director/Photographer Anna Nicholas, seem to be the perfectly well-rounded talents and minds helping her to spearhead her venture.

What brought these amazing people to Barbados? Besides the sun, sand, sea and …oh yeah… the rum! But it was our bustling West Coast culture of luxury, style & Polo that truly allowed them to set their sights on Barbados. That’s right! Susen may have already launched her brand in the UK (you can purchase from across the globe at but is looking to bring her brand to our lovely shores, using our thriving Polo scene as a launching pad. So far, she’s been a hit and is looking to local high end stores to carry the brand. And may possibly be opening a franchise?


Well, I met with the Subella team at The Limegrove Lifestyle Center’s ‘Lime Bar’ to have a little chat to learn more about Susen, the brand and its future.


– When did you realize that fashion was your calling?

When I was a little girl, I always liked to dress up and when I came to the UK to study at London College of Fashion, I spent a year doing a London–based fashion and design course, which helped to shape my future calling, but I always had a strong leaning towards bags and accessories design.


– How did it come about that you would produce a line specializing in high end handbags?

As I said in the last question, I was always drawn towards bags and accessories but I also wanted to produce high quality goods. When I looked at the high-end fashion houses, they produce beautiful bags, but they are so expensive! So my dream was to find top quality manufacturers who would make bags to my designs, but at a reasonable price. I travelled extensively throughout Italy, to find small hand-crafted manufacturers who can deliver to my high expectations


– Who is the ideal woman you would like to see carrying your handbags?

Any woman who has glamour, style and is prepared to love and treasure her bags and accessories. She would probably buy for quality, knowing that true quality and style is timeless.



– What’s the reason behind the name Subella?

Well, my name is Susen and my lovely four year old daughter is named Isabella – hence, Subella!

Also, ‘bella’ is Italian for beautiful – so it’s a great double meaning for my beautiful hand-made Italian bags!!


– Any examples of the inspirations behind the stellar designs you’ve come up with so far?

I know what I like and I always want to produce designs that are both functional and aesthetically beautiful, and stylish. I also pay attention to the metalwork, which is so important to give a high quality look and finish to a well designed bag. I never want to make a bag that lasts for just the current season, it’s much better that my bags and accessories are timeless and can be mixed with many different looks.



– What is your design process like?

Whilst I am the driving force and visionary for each design, I give a general idea to my design team, who then turn the initial brief into reality. I am always looking for unique combinations of the finest Calf and Kid leathers which are all organically and ethically sourced in Italy, where I (and most of the world!) believe that Italian leather craft is the very best.


– Give us an insight into the journey of Subella.

Back in 2012, I sourced some Italian bags and took them back to China, to test the market. I found that although China is the main manufacturer to the world in clothing and accessories, what Chinese people really value are high quality, hand produced goods by artisans in Europe. Italy is known for its fine leatherwork and most of the world’s top fashion houses still produce bags and accessories in Italy. The next step was to find talented young designers in London, and internationally. I then travelled extensively throughout Italy to find small factories with Italian artisans, who have an immense pride in their work. I then set up an e-commerce website – to showcase my bags and allow me to sell both in the UK and across the world. I am now in the process of looking at retail opportunities within major London stores (Selfridges, Fenwick’s, Harvey Nichols, Liberty etc.) as well as outside the UK.


– What challenges would you say you have encountered during the setting up of your business?

China is known for being a big manufacturer of clothing & jewelry, and I’m doing it the other way around. I’m having things made in Italy. And setting up a business in the UK, especially the type of business I am doing, it’s certainly not easy coming from my background.


-Where are the key places around the world that one can find Subella handbags?

Everywhere!!! My e-commerce website allows me to sell my bags and accessories across the world. I am also setting up retail outlets in China and London and I am currently talking to retailers here in Barbados. Watch this space!!!!



– What made you decide to bring your brand to Barbados?

Through a major fashion photo-shoot in Barbados last year at Apes Hill Polo Club by ‘Fashionable Photography’ (Anna Nicholas, a London based fashion photographer), my bags were featured and showcased in ‘Very Very’, a London based high-end lifestyle magazine owned by Russian Oligarchs and ‘POLO Magazine’, the main editorial for the UK Polo enthusiast and player. Due to the success of the “Fashion Meets Polo” photo-shoot last year, I wanted to explore opportunities here in Barbados and through the kind help of Wendy Kidd, I have brought my bags here for the world famous ‘Holders Season’ where I was the sponsor for their Gala Night.


– Many wealthy visitors set up home or simply vacation here in Barbados, but what say you to the somewhat average woman with a flair for fashion? Does Subella cater to them?

Because my bags are hand made by Italian artisans who have an immense pride and dedication to their craft, combined with the finest Italian Calf and Kid leathers, I would like to think that my bags will appeal to any woman who has a sense of style and glamour. My customers would buy for quality as well as style. When I started Subella London, part of my ethos was to produce beautiful bags, but also at a reasonable price.


– How do you plan to solidify a relationship with Barbados?

Over the last ten days that we have been in Barbados, I have met so many kind and generous people, such as the Kidd and Williams families and others, who have given me great encouragement and want to work further with me on my future projects, especially my equestrian range of bags. I am loving my time here in Barbados and want to forge strong business links with your beautiful island and people.


– Where do you see Subella London in 5 years? In Barbados and across the world.

I want to have my own flagship stores in China, Europe and the UK, with franchise stores in Polo clubs and top equestrian centres, including Barbados, for my equestrian range. The range of costume jewellery and accessories and belts for men and women should also be an established part of the business. However I will not lose sight of my original plan to source the best materials and have them hand-made by true artisans, whilst keeping a reasonable price level.


– Do you plan on expanding into other high end products at any point? (eg. shoes, belts, or any unique accessory pieces)

Yes, I am in discussion with high level people in the Polo and Equestrian fields to develop a range of bags for men and women based around the equestrian lifestyle, that are both functional and beautiful high end products. I will also bring out a range of costume jewellery, belts and accessories for men and women.


– Do you see Subella London collaborating with any other high end brands, specifically clothing brands? For any special design/showcasing purposes?

Anything can happen in the fashion industry. As a creative businesswoman, I am always open to fresh ideas and collaborations and as long as the Subella London brand identity is not compromised, I would always consider working with other like-minded people.


– What advice would you have for aspiring fashion talents/professionals?

  • Create a good business plan.
  • BE PREPARED! Always be prepared.
  • Always planning. If you have a talent and a dream, you need to spend enough time investigating what must be done and how you can do it.
  • Everything has a cost. It costs a lot to start up a business. It is a lot of money to start up any kind of fashion business.
  • Never rush into something.



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